Calligraphy and Lettering Grid Brushes for Procreate

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Free Procreate grid brushes from

I learned pretty quickly that writing consistent calligraphy depends on laying down a grid first. You can use these calligraphy paper grids for drills or mix-and match to create layout grids. These brushes are great for writing at different slants and x-heights.

The grid brushes come in 4 variations:

  • Normal x-height:65 degree slant
  • Normal x-height: 80 degree slant
  • Tall x-height: 65 degree slant
  • Tall x-height: 80 degree slant

How to use The Grid Brushes

  • Create a blank layer
  • Select one of the grid brushes and a light color (I like a blue grid)
  • Paint all over the layer in one continuous stroke. Changing the size of the brush changes the scale of the grid.
  • Make a new layer on top of the grid to write your letters!
  • Hide the grid layer before exporting your finished image

Custom Angles

After drawing the grid, you can skew or flip the grid layer for an infinitely customizable slant! changing up the slant lets you make lots of different styles of lettering

Thanks for trying my brushes - I welcome your feedback! 

<3 Melissa

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Calligraphy and Lettering Grid Brushes for Procreate

162 ratings
I want this!